And Now On Mirror Mirror…

Whoa there! You can’t sneak up on somebody like that round here. You can end up a corpse doin’ that kind of thing. Can I help ya?? Oh, you’re here for the job. ’Kay then.

Folks around here call me Dallas, Royce Dallas. I can get you in, but I cannot get you out. ’Cause well.. you gotta do that for yourself.

Now I don’t know what sleaze bucket got you this gig, but believe it or not, you have just stepped into an area of the Verse most steer clear of. Don’t get me wrong, I did not say you weren’t all manner of welcome, but there will be lots of things not going smoothly in these parts. Seems like everybody makes a fuss and only the Alliance is here to wipe your… well, you get it.

Say, that is a nice set of pistols you got there, but can you use them? Oh, you can! Great! Then how about helping out a few guys over on Persephone with them fancy-shooters. K?

Mirror Mirror

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