Episode 5: Mi Tong. You Wrong.

After an Alliance Patrol ship receives a transmission of a mid-bulk transport, Dragonfly class hard burning out of Paquin’s atmo, shortly after a 4 million dollar heist from the famous Noh Theater, the hunt for the vessel quickly tops the priority list within its sector for all Alliance ships available.
The good news is you and the crew of the Mayflower are alive after barely getting away from those seeking to kill you for what you had in your possession.
The bad news is the amount is outrageously exaggerated, it was only a little over 2 million, The real bad guys are after you, the Alliance is after you, you’re almost out of fuel and things are definitely not going smooth for the whole ship!
Soon after you get into the black your system wide navigation dies and you need to hide and fix it. The guest companion on board sets you up with a favor and you land hidden from the Alliance at the only place safe from the scanners – A Parliament Members home.
So, as the Master is away the ship gets set-up with fuel, rations and an Alliance replaced Navset System.
Shortly after you leave your haven for a week, the Master returns to discover something amiss in his home. His wife pretends to know nothing, but there is a security stick removed from a private briefing room and he puts out another priority order to find the Mayflower. Later he learns of the Navset replacement and tells all intercepting vessels the beacon pulse to track of the “low-jacked” Navset.

Back on Paquin: There were two persons of interest at the scene: Mr. Craven Morris and Ms. Zhang Li Wu.

Morris who claims he had dealings with the pilot of the Mayflower, a man that delivered damaged goods and ran off with his plat before he could check the product.

Ms. Wu was the driver of the stolen Juicy Jui van and is authorized to press charges for the extensive damages to their property.

A partial bag of platinum was found at nearby wreckage very close to the theater. The Juicy Jui vehicle was empty when officers found it, but blood discovered in it was both fresh and old. For the Latter Ms. Wu was without comment.

Furthermore, the blood matched a man that the Alliance has had on their radar for quite some time – Mr. Jedediah Amerikas. Wanted on all four core worlds for murder, robbery, kidnapping, purgery, trafficking and arson. Also wanted on two border planets for impersonating and Alliance Officer and extortion and one moon on the rim that wishes to keep its reasons closed.

Now the latest Cortex feed from a nearby contact tells the Captain that Ms. Wu isn’t just another business owner she is first daughter of the Tong Leader Xao Fung Wu. Her brother, Hui Fang Wu was violently killed sixteen years ago by a rivaling Tong family. His body was torn apart and his remains were fed to the dogs. She hunted down all of those responsible and killed them. She then killed anyone associated with that Family and now Zhang Li Wu wants her vengeance for her public embarrassment and you soon discover that the Tong want you and the crew of the Mayflower dead as well.

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  • Ancient City Con Exclusive Episode
  • Also Called The Show Must Go Tong

Episode 5: Mi Tong. You Wrong.

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